Wake up when you want to or donate to charity!

SnoozeYouLose keeps you accountable to wake up on the days you set entirely with SMS, no app to download! If you fail to wake up, you pay your pledge amount, half of which goes to charity!

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SnoozeYouLose Overview
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Sign Up

Enter what days you want to be held accountable to wake up, what time you want to wake up, and how much you pledge if you don't wake up!

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Wake Up Check

Each morning you designate, you'll receive a text with a math problem, riddle, or puzzle just after the wake-up time you set.

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Respond Correctly

You have to respond correctly to mark yourself as awake. This ensures you don't just mash the keyboard and fall back asleep!

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Receive Confirmation

We'll text you back quickly, letting you know that you got the answer right so that you know you won't be charged!

  • If I don't wake up in time and am charged, where does the money go?

    50% of your pledge goes directly to Charity Water, an incredible charity bringing clean water to people in need. We keep the remaining 50% (minus payment processing fees).

  • Why did you build SnoozeYouLose?

    SnoozeYouLose was inspired by a friend of mine. He set out to wake up earlier, but just couldn't do, so I volunteered to call him each morning to make sure he was up. The next morning when I called, not only was he up, but he was already at the gym! This pattern continued, but the problem wasn't totally solved... One day, I realized I wouldn't be able to call the next morning, and let him know. He didn't wake up on time. Use SnoozeYouLose Brandon!

  • I got charged when I shouldn't have! What now?

    Send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

  • I have feedback to make SnoozeYouLose better!

    Great! Send us an email with your suggestion and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!